Lily was a female Jack Russel Terrier that came into my life in 2001 and sadly passed away in 2016.

During those years I learned how smart, funny and stubborn she was. She was also a first class mouser and rat catcher! She was multi-talented, and knew it, so it wasn’t surprising that throughout her life she also became my teacher; a beautiful spirit whose unconditonal love helped shape my life for the better.

Almost more human than dog – Lily had an understanding of life beyond her years and species – and she had an ability to “read the room” and read me. Perhaps we were old friends from a past life, reliving the good times we’d shared together and enjoying the familiarity that existed between us?

I will always miss her and hope to share some of the many stories of our life together over time. You can also find pictures of Lily in the gallery section of this website.